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I joined open2view at the start of 2023 and operate out of Cambridge where I live with my partner and our zoo of pets. One of which comes with me to most of my shoots; if you want to see a mildly well behaved but exceptionally good looking border collie then ask to see Houston. I've always had a keen interest in photography and the film industry (having secured a screenwriting certificate from New York University in 2020) - Open2View lets me explore both. I studied at the University of Waikato and got my Bachelor of Communication Studies with a major in Marketing. My degree then propelled me into the world of Sales, Advertising, and Marketing agencies - working in a range of industries. If theres one thing you walk away with after doing business with me is that my customer service will always be on point. I am here to facilitate in any way I can. I am a big believer in not just being your photographer but also apart of your sales team. We are promoting this property together. My marketing and sales knowledge helps me analyze what marketing solutions a property needs. Lets work together and help families find the right property for them.

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Troy Constable | Media Specialist