Nicola Tilbury
Media Specialist

My Story

Being a 90's child, I was happiest playing on the old Commodore 64 computer or drawing patterns with textas and my trusty Derwent pencils. When I discovered in my teens I could combine the two and be a graphic designer, I knew there was nothing else I would be happier doing.

Fast forward 20 years later and I've enjoyed a wide range of experience from print design, advertising, branding, website design and photography, with clients from Geelong to Melbourne to Mansfield.

Now residing in Chesney Vale near the Winton Wetlands I've found an inspiring spot surrounded by nature to continue doing what I love - creating.

I enjoy challenging myself and collaborating with people who push the boundaries of what is possible in marketing, as well as creating solutions that helps others do their job better.

I am currently a 'all rounder' with Open2view North East Victoria, assisting in signboard design nation wide and production for the North East Victoria team. Our real estate agency clients are assisted by our team to create solutions to market their property listings whether it be signboards of all sizes, promotional material, print media as well as real estate photography, floorplanning and virtual tours.

I support our North East Victoria and Riverina NSW teams with all aspects of marketing whether it's signboards or photography, and I am very fortunate to enjoy working in a position where I could be flying a drone to capture fantastic views, capturing a virtual tour with the latest 360 camera technology, behind the lens capturing the best of a home for sale, all in the signboard workshop operating our large format printers. Every day is different, and no matter what I am doing it's all about getting the best result for our clients.

Hobbies and Interests

I've been in the graphic design industry for almost 20 years and have been a very creative person since the moment I picked up a pencil as a child. I've always gotten into a bit of everything - print and digital media, photography, branding and advertising. I am definitely a self confessed nerd, and I love to travel! So being able to get on the road with a good sci fi audio book to photograph properties, or working in the print room designing and producing signboards, every day is different and I am a very lucky lady to be working with such a fantastic team! Especially with a team who are as animal obsessed as me!

Why Did I Choose This Line of Work?

To be honest I didn't choose it, it chose me. My grandad was an artist, and as a child I used to get into trouble for drawing rather than doing my maths at school! I chose to be a graphic designer as it combined my geekiness as a child of the 90's and my love to create, and I've never stopped growing and learning as technology and trends change. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing what my skills can do to help businesses and individuals successfully market themselves and their products in all avenues.

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