Julie Kiriacoudis
Area Manager

My Story

When I was 16 I discovered photography, though as inspirational teacher. I fell in love with the camera and the dark room. It was the only subject at school that challenged me. I went on from high school to the photographic imaging centre, Victorian collage of the arts and the Photographic studies collage. Studying film photography majoring in photojournalism. After graduation I was hired as a staff photographer for the Sunday herald sun and eventually to the daily herald sun. I found my outgoing and bubbly personality let me to celebrity social photography. For 15 years I and my journalist had our own page in the news paper. Over the years it went under several bylines including snappazazi, the eye and confidential. I haver photographed also every Australian celebrity and sports star like Shane Warne, RHOM, Kylie and every reality star in there 15 minutes of fame . And lots of visiting international a-grade celebrities, including Matt Damon, Oprah, Kylie, Kim Kardashian, Harrison Ford and the list goes on!
After a long 15 year career at heralds and a redundancy, I found Open2view and jumped at opportunity to join the team.
I get to spend all day with my camera, I work with great team of agent that I am glad to call friends. I get to meet lots of amazing vendors and help them produce an amazing campaign to represent there homes. Every day is different and lots of fun!

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