David Garratt
Media Specialist
Wellington Central and North

My Story

My interest in photography started when I received my first cheap plastic 35mm camera for my 12th birthday. Since then I have always been the family member behind the lens at family gatherings, birthdays, and events.

After finishing a double major degree in marketing and management, I spent 18 years in real estate sales in Wellington. I've renovated, bought, sold and invested in a number of homes over this time

For the last 10 years, I have had a fast-growing wedding and portrait photography side business that developed naturally out of my love of photography as a hobby. When a franchise opportunity came up with Open2view, I took the plunge and changed careers, becoming a full time creative merging my three skill sets - real estate sales, online marketing, and digital media.

I am a regular in the Open2view top ten achievers list nationally and in 2019 and 2020 reached number 2 in Australasia.

I aim to push the photography and videography boundaries within the New Zealand real estate industry. I am constantly watching and learning from International trends in property photography and have actively embraced the new camera, drone, floorplan, and 3D digital technologies that are emerging in this field.

Having photographed more than 7000 Wellington properties of all shapes, sizes, and locations, I am one of the more experienced and busiest property photographers in the region.

Wellington, with its changeable weather and often difficult terrain, often presents unique challenges when it comes to showing properties in their best light. Unlike most other Wellington property photographers, I employ a mix of HDR and Flambient styles when capturing a home which allows me to present images that have a clean, magazine quality appeal with views correctly exposed and skies blue.

I have a 102 CAA drone certification with a special endorsement to fly over people and private property without consent and also carry specific drone insurance. This is something that most Wellington property photographers using a drone don't have but still operate, creating potential legal exposure for their clients.

My team and I are the most experienced Matterport virtual tour operators in Wellington having adopted the new scanning technology early and having scanned more than 500 properties in the last 5 years. In our tours we add extra features and tags, and also capture outdoor spaces well so that viewers get enough information to make an informed purchasing decision.

To complete the range of services, we also do 2D floorplans and HD quality video tours.
And for the agents, we have a range of photo signs, brochures, and letterbox drop cards.

For those interested, you can check out my other photography styles at:

Hobbies and Interests

Surfing, Gym, skateboarding, skiing, bikini appreciation.

Why Did I Choose This Line of Work?

I've always had an interest in photography and am creative minded. I have had a real estate focus for over 20 years and have sold, renovated, and invested in the Wellington property market for that whole time. Real Estate focus + passion for photography = Real Estate photographer

Favourite Camera Lens

For Real Estate 16-35mm f4 Canon For weddings 24-70mm f2.8 For fun 50mm f1.4

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