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I've recently joined the Open2view team as a Photographer & Videographer, working with agents in Te Tau Ihu - Top of the South Island - in Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough.

Before this, I was freelancing across Nelson's charitable arts sector as a writer and crew member for festivals, films, and community arts projects, and also worked as a digital marketing assistant and videographer.

I studied Psychology and have a lifelong interest in people - how we think and feel, and why we behave the way we do. This led me into a decade-long side business of CV writing - working with a wide range of clients on a word-of-mouth referral basis. By understanding motivations and strengths, I was able to position the unique value of my client in a pool of similar applicants. There is so much to consider in this process, and in marketing for real estate, my approach is similarly meticulous and thoughtful.

Now, I'm thrilled that my work combines the areas I love most - working with cameras, storytelling, and connecting with people.

I'm reliable and responsive, and build relationships based on empathy, understanding, and respect.

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Claire Watson | Media Specialist