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Perth North Area Manager

My Story

My interest in photography started some 35 years ago. Shooting with 35mm Olympus cameras I was involved in creating a Surfing, Wind Surfing and Moto X magazine which went from news print to full colour A4 in 12 months.I did all my own black and white processing in those early days.

I became an Area Manager for Open2view in Oct 2005 and have successfully franchised my area to six photographer franchisees. Now using professional Nikon digital cameras and software for image enhancement, professional real estate photography has become paramount in any listing to get it sold.

Some of my happy clients...

"We have been using Open2view to take the photos and tours of our current listings. I have found not only does it save me alot of time, but the quality is way beyond what I can achieve. Our vendors have been thrilled with the results and buyers have almost brought the property from the website. I have also found it a great listing tool and vendors are now starting to want the service which helps with VPA. Thank you for your great work and I know it will be a service I will use as much as I can."
Regan Bell - Licensee Davey Real Estate, Doubleview

"I cant believe that how much service I have been getting fron Simon Trainor at Open2View. Wow i have just been getting call after call. I know why. Its the quality of the photos. Nothing is too small for Simon. The turn around is under 1 day. Keep it up Simon."
Adam Peacock

"I called Simon do photograph a property that was a great location, but at the same time needed some work. Simon went right out of his way to present the house to get the best from the photo shoot. Simon wasn't happy with the exterior shots so he rescheduled the property for another shoot. It is very rare that you will come across someone who takes so much pride in his work and his work ethic is amazing. "
Susan Baker

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