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Real estate media presentation is NOT about collecting images to add to print or digital media.

Real estate media presentation NOT about making images move while including cheesy music.

Real estate media presentation NOT about boring the viewer voice over and telling them everything they should read in the copy print.

Real estate media presentation NOT about only using the minimum products to fill the campaign boxes.

Real estate media presentation NOT about advertising. Advertising is all about taking a risk.

In today’s market we must not advertise. We must market. We must target the market we want.

Hits on the property file from dreamers provides hits but what we must do is market for the right clients.

Research shows that marketing packages that are incomplete loose buyers.

Over half click on to the next property if there isn’t a video or floor plan.

In the current market buyers will demand a 3D tour.

This is why it is important to-work with a media specialist.

Our packages include all visual elements that will help you to develop the best marketing strategy to help your buyers become engaged buyers.

Real Estate Media is about developing the Property portfolio providing all media aspects to give the buyer the best information to make an informed decision and providing you with an engaged buyer.

The elements in all marketing strategies must include:


Photography is often seen as sterile, flat images to document the house. Document the property yes but in a way that shows depth and life. Our job is to create light and warmth inside while showing the territory outside and how the property responds to it's space and how it fits in the landscape. Photography also allows the buyer to see if the space fits their lifestyle.


Video is an integral part of all properties. Yes - all properties. In the world of social media 65% of people don’t even look at photos anymore. The media has to move. It has to engross and it has to add value.

I believe they must be done correctly. As we have already learned I like all digital Media to respond to it's environment but video can not be easily manipulated, It's an oil painting that is honest and true to itself and thus is an essential part of any marketing package.

It's like going to a restaurant for a romantic dinner and the table next door is playing jenga, drunk and rowdy. You need the right balance of visuals, music, time and information - it's taste, touch, smell, sight and sound - it's finding the balance. It's not a voice over repeating all of the text, it's not all about the agent, it's not all about the bedrooms - it must be about the space, the home, the people.

3D Tour

We use laser-scanning equipment that accurately renders each space we capture. It allows your buyers to immerse themselves in the spaces and have time to look around, explore and make valuable decisions. In the current climate it is essential that buyers can view the property without being rushed. Since open homes are on-hold for the time being this product is an essential all properties.

We can also offer an aerial perspective to the 3D tour. Please enquire about this product especially for the lifestyle properties.

Floor plans

A floor plan has become one of the most important parts of a marketing package. Listed properties without a floor plan loose up to 30% of potential buyers. A property without a floor plan demonstrates there might be strange or unusable spaces in the home. Buyers want to see the layout. Some buyers don’t want entertainment spaces backing on to the Master bedroom if they have teenagers in the home. Young families want kids rooms next to the parents. There are so many reasons that the floor plan is needed to help buys become engaged buyers.

Aerial Aspect

Having a drone add an aerial aspect is vital to most properties. It is often seen as an addition but it is vital if it will help showcase the property or place the property into the landscape or show the property's connection to the community or amenities such as the bus station, park or beach. It is for this reason that all our photography and video packages include drone as part of the package.

It is also important that the aerial aspect isn’t overdone unless you are looking for a package that showcases large or complex environments. We will discuss this with you.

The aerial aspect is not all about the high shots. Mid and lower perspectives are essential. We don’t like shooting the roof!

We also hold one of the most diverse CAA Part 102 certificates allowing the most flexibility with our RPAS (Drones)

Sign Boards

With the influx of people walking at the moment there has never been a more important time to provide buyers with an opportunity to view properties in their area and to demonstrate to buyers which brands have the market share in a particular area.


Open2view is the only Real Estate marketing brand that has its own website. The site is also the only marketing website for real estate that is internationally recognized. Other sites typically are only aimed at the domestic market. brings buyers from all over the world and families of Kiwis are able to help their families find the perfect home or investment. also utilizes local domains to help your marketing strategy perform better in search engines placing your property at the top. also has an agent portal so you can order all products and create sign layouts and print documents all from one place, approve them yourself and order all in one place.


We have a range of print options to help your buyers remember your property and help it stand out from the rest.

As a media specialist we are uniquely placed to help you with all our products. Unlike our competitors that may only do one or two elements meaning you must decide your precious time to arranging shoots and print, signs and media content, we will manage this process for you.

A little bit about me;


- Architectural draftsman
- Commercial Helicopter Pilot
- Helicopter Instructor
- Film Pilot and Aerial Photography


- Saint Kentigern College


- Son
- Husband
- Dad to two amazing children.

Professional interests and memberships

- Deputy chairman UAVNZ


- Yachting
- Paddle boarding
- Fishing
- Mountain biking

My promise is that while I am a straight shooter, I will always work 120% and endeavour to give you the best service each and every time.

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