Philip Armitage
Photo Franchisee

My Story

I love taking photographs - always have and believe I always will. It used to be photographs of our travels and family and places we went to. And while that is still the case, most of my photographs are now of Houses and Apartments in the Wellington region.

In the more than eight years that I have photographed for Open2view, I have photographed over 7000 properties and typically take about 50000 photos per year. I have worn out 4 cameras, but that means I have the latest and best equipment to capture your property.

I especially like taking twilight photos where in the change of light between day and night, you get some lovely colours and beautiful ambiance.

What do I do when I am not taking photographs of houses. Why, I take more photographs. I did ok in the prestigious "black and white spider awards", an annual international photography competition - getting a second place in the fine art section

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Philip Armitage | Photo Franchisee