Lance Rudat
Photo Franchisee

My Story

Hi, I'm Lance. I am 26, Born and raised in Stawell, VIC.

I have always been interested in creative arts, It all started for me when I decided to pursue secondary studies at Federation University and study Live Production, Theatre & Events. Music was always one of my favorite things, it was so expressive. Good lyrics backed up by a tune given a mood really hit the spot for me every time I listened to music which is what got me to want to capture and record talent.

I worked with Audiovisuals, Lighting, and Video Recording. It was in my experimental phase and that was when I really got a good look into photography and I really enjoyed it, I always took time to capture not just an image, but a story, an emotion, and for me, that was brilliant because it was a moment captured in time that could never be done the same again and it was a visual reminder of such story and emotion saved in time. I really got in touch with it because of how fun it was for me.

When I saw an opportunity to become a photographer with Open2view I got really excited, so I enquired and here I am now, running a photography business based in the Grampians. I am excited to help as much as I can as part of the open2view family offering real estate marketing solutions in my local community.

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Hobbies and Interests

Photography, motorcycles, 4x4 and camping, video gaming and exploration, and travel.

Why Did I Choose This Line of Work?

It's creative and visually rewarding

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