Khurshed Patel
Photo Franchisee
Auckland Central West

My Story

Hi I am Khurshed Patel. I was born in India but moved to New Zealand in 1999.

I have been doing Photography and Videography for all sorts of events and functions for over 28 years and still do. I joined Open2view in January 2016 as a Videographer cum Homeview franchisee. Since then, I have done hundreds of property video shoots (including aerial) & homeviews (3D virtual tour).

I am fully certified by CAA as drone (UAV) pilot holding Part 102 certification and flying for nearly 3 years.

Married with one beautiful daughter who is also very tech savvy like me.

Videography is my not only my passion but I love to do it & never get bored.

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Khurshed Patel | Photo Franchisee