John Hollis
Photo Franchisee

My Story

I've been self employed since the age of 19, with my first business venture I used to row a boat and tow race horses and greyhounds behind so they could swim for exercise. After 6 years and the install of the third runway in Botany Bay where I operated I had the opportunity to open a communications company installing mobile phones into vehicles. Along the way I developed a love of photography, every spare minute when I got the chance I was out taking photos. Whether it was friends, family or flowers in my garden it was just a joy. Long drives finding abandoned buildings, farms or just rusting old cars in a paddock the shutter would be clicking away. I longed to be a professional photographer but with a booming business and commitments it was just a pipe dream. After 27 years of crawling through, under and over vehicles it was time for a change. The opportunity to finally open a photography business presented itself and i took it with both hands. So here I am, shooting everyday what more could one want?

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