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Open2view North Shore and Beaches is re launching services with a new price structure as of August 2010. The aim is to make video an easy affordable option for any property.

Research has found that most vendors see a huge benefit of using video as part of their agents marketing package. Agents who start using video generally try to maintain its use as the drastic increase in views on the property Internet listing suggests video is a hit with property hunters.

Producing video for the Internet is labour & time intensive (as with all the other services provided by open2view). To make an affordable option for almost any property we had to come up with a new pricing structure and workflow. The new video price structure starts at a clean basic version and costs are added for additional items through to custom video production.

Further research has found that the property hunter is not necessarily attracted to TV style presentation of properties. They want to see the property in its true and natural state. Clean & clear showing the key features of the property and surrounds. Of course, some agents are very good in front of a camera and are comfortable presenting. Those agents who are not inclined to perform in front of the camera now have the option to use our o2v Vision product.

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