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When you also consider that real estate is generally our most valuable asset, it is essential to use a good set of professional photos in order to maximise price when it comes time to sell. This is where I fit in.

Hi, my name is Desmond Chan. I am a professional real estate photographer and the winner of the Open2view 2015 Photographer of the Year award.

By producing a set of photos which shows a property at its best, I provide a “hook” with which to pull potential buyers in to an “Open House”, which then allows the real estate agent to go to work.

Whether photographing a $500,000 or $5mil property, my aim is always the same. I want my photos to make potential buyers think “WOW….we need to go see THAT property”.

So what makes me different to the other real estate photographers out there?

For starters, I “flip” properties myself. Part of that process involves styling. Coupled with the fact that so many of the properties I photograph are professionally styled, I understand how to make the space within a property look its best. I move the furniture around, I move the decorations around, I arrange the cushions and the bed furnishings. I carefully choose the best angle from which to shoot in order to highlight the positive aspect of each setting.

I do these things to create an inviting scene, and a balance in my camera lens. I try to create "beautiful" pictures as opposed to photos which just emphasise size. Doing this creates a more emotional connection to the setting.

With the techniques I have fine-tuned over the years, I then create the level of lighting I need. When processing my photos I use techniques which allow me to use light to show texture and depth in each scene.

I believe this all culminates in photos which look natural and are pleasing to the eye. Photos which hopefully elicit the response “WOW…. We need to go see THAT property”.

I have included below some examples of the work I have produced over the years.

If I can be of any assistance, please contact me on 0414 688 449.

Some of my happy clients...

"Outstanding and Essential

Desmond has been our property photographer for years now and given the chance would highly recommend him. From small units all the way up to large homes he has the skill to maximise the essence of what that property is and then enhance it to ensure the right people see it. Professional photography isn't just essential but an art form. Desmond has a rare skill not only with the camera but goes that step further moving items he feels needs moving from the shot. His personality and rapport with owners and agents goes a long way.

Thanks for all your efforts Desmond

Dion Verzeletti Selling Principal - Ray White Thornleigh"

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