Craig Rosen
Photo Franchisee
CBD & South Melbourne

My Story

Craig has a passion for what he does and clients who work with him all agree. He is happy to go the extra mile to get the best results

Craigs desire to ensure that he meets and exceeds his clients expectations at every photo shoot keeps him constantly on his toes. In his words "Every property is unique and so a cookie cutter approach to shooting a property doesn't cut it if you want to stand out in this industry. Look for the angle and consider the best time of day to make your property literally pop out of the photo. Your agents will love you for it"

Some of my happy clients...

I have recently had professional photographs taken of my holiday rental property by Craig Rosen and I have nothing but praise for not only the gorgeous photos he took but his very accommodating and professional manner. The weather was against us day after day and yet he kept finding a time for me on the following day and in the end went there himself when the sun was finally out and I wasn't able to make it, and the photos were everything I was hoping for, even though I wasn't even there at the time to explain exactly what I wanted. Many thanks Craig and I look forward to using your services again soon.

Julie Burton

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Craig Rosen | Photo Franchisee