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My Story

Its fair to say that I know how to use a camera, edit and deliver lets not worry about that to much

Photography is a form of art for me its a creative release. I left school to become an Architect where I learnt much about space, emotion, form and function. Somewhere I got lost as there was also to much engineer in me so in a stroke of craziness I became a Helicopter Pilot.

Here I was able to practice critical thinking, plan and execute tricky operations and found another avenue I loved - teaching.

To spread my wings meant I needed to move overseas and found a home in Brisbane. Here I worked as an instructor, VIP pilot and started down the avenue of an Aerial Camera Helicopter Pilot. I was lucky to fly a range of operations where the cameramen would give me the instructions to give them the best and before long I realised I was ticking more boxes as creativity had returned.

At some point I also met Tony Bostock- I flew the chopper and he snapped the commercial Real Estate Photos. Before Long I was working along side Tony Shooting Commercial Real Estate in Brisbane. I found that not only did I enjoy it but it seemed I was good at it.

From here we moved back to NZ with our now 3 month old child. I cemented all of this learning working with a prominent Real Estate Photography agency and developed a style that focuses on Space and Emotion Digital Media.

I like to showcase not just a cold sterile house but a home. Some place I can hang my hat, grab a Whiskey and unwind from the day. A space that I can see my wife, 2 children, 2 cats, a dog and countless fish enjoying and flourishing.

Whether its a city apartment that the photography must respond to its busy environment, a house in the suburbs to respond to the hustle and bustle of family life, a lifestyle block, a farm or even the holiday home it is my preference that we showcase the property with its surroundings in mind.

Videos are the latest thing in Real Estate and I believe they must be done correctly. As we have already learned I like all digital Media to Respond to its environment but video can not be easily manipulated, Its an oil painting that is honest and true to itself and thus is an essential part of any marketing package. Its like making wine. To much or two little makes cooking wine, the right balance makes something special. I focus on the special

Its like going to a restaurant for a romantic dinner and the table next door is playing jenga, drunk and rowdy. You need the right balance of visuals, music, time and information. Its not a voice over repeating all of the text, its not all about the agent, its not all about the bedrooms - It must be about the space. The home. The people.

Social Media has become the vessel to transfer information and we must also respond to it. This is why I keep a close eye on trends , provide the right visuals with the right musts and must nots.

Outside of the workplace I like to try new things and go new places. Sailing, fishing, diving and all things marine are my favorite hobbies as well as a well kept garden, home improvements, cycling and spending time with my family.

My promise is that while I am a straight shooter, I am a typical Brit and a little blunt I will always work and endevour to give you the best service each and every time.

Favourite Camera Lens

85 Prime - Its fast, efficient and is my go to

Hobbies and Interests

Sailing, Fishing, Diving, Cycling, Sleeping (Yeah Right)

Why Did I Choose This Line of Work?

Its creative and technical. I love critiquing space and showcasing emotion

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